Being the connector that I am.

A Forbes article tweeted via ‏@partridh 8 surprising guidelines that will land you the job you want  contained the line from the person interviewed that they saw themselves as a connector. It was stated in the context of the article of not to just give your elevator speech but to give of yourself and to share your story. Another point given in the article is to not just talk about yourself but to be inquisitive with the person you are dealing with, and to connect with others to learn their interests and needs. I feel these pointers epitomize me and my way of life as a librarian, a friend, a husband, and as a parent. Before seeing this article I have stated seeing myself , and the library as a connector, and as an entity within the organization as a connector. The library is often seen as having the model of operation within organizations as a shining light. Of being the place to send students as the sender knows that the library will know where to guide them.  The library is often the one staffed service point on campus in the odd hours that lends itself to being the knowledge and connector point to fulfil needs in a timely manner.

In my life I feel I have developed  intuitive skills to pick up nuances within people and to sensitively know whom best to connect people with to fulfil their needs when I cannot. It is an essential part of our trade to connect quickly with our patrons, assess the need, and to pass on the best possible solution be it the answer, the direction to the resource, or a referral to the person or service that will meet the requester’s need. We may not always have the answers, but we have the tools, the skills, and the empathy to connect people to help their needs.

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