Libraries look beyond the shelves

A Tweet today from @sallyheroes Libraries look beyond the shelves
via @bluejaysea held a number of interesting points and it may take a few reads and blog posts to articulate my thoughts. It also contains a video of their Library Retrieval system like the one at Macquarie University Library,  and the one being built at University of Technology Sydney.

The article mentions one theme, like yesterday’s blog post,  of the role of libraries is creating spaces that connect people to information and ideas. Another article I read that I may blog about soon articulates that it is focusing on the people not the tools we deal with that helps to make the users experience the  library.

Another point made is that the people with jobs are doing their work in the library. I could relate to this in our University library’s coffee shop the Writers Block,  which is often a buzz with both staff and students in deep conversations and coffee meetings. I recognize faces from various faculties having deep intellectual exchanges. Library staff often have consultation with faculty there too. It is a great place to meet and do work.

The bottom line is that libraries are listening and trying to give their communities what they want in ways big and small.

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