Subject to bad news

Being a leader, a husband, a father, a supervisor, a human there are times in life when you are subject to bad news.  And that bad news may be construed as a decision, or a directive that had been made and you are party to and must hold onto that news for a later time for discussion and broadcasting.  The manifestation of that might bring about sleeplessness and restlessness.  Today in seeing the broadcasting of such news that as a leader I was subject to and had to sit on in privacy for a week was interesting.  For some it was a shock.  For others a fulfilment of their desires.  An overall uncomfortableness with lots of questions about why, but also looking to the future of what is going to happen now.  Some level of background thinking from leadership, and generally just a big step in faith as to what the next big move is.  I read an article recently, I  think it was this one from Forbes, about how to say no while still inspiring people.  It is part of leadership to not always say yes.  There are times when one has to say no and then deal with the consequences.

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