Finding your information

I went for a great bike ride with a friend in celebration of Queen’s Birthday holiday.  We explored an area I had not been to before.  See ride here via STRAVA I have a good sense of direction and once I have travelled in an area I seem to remember it.  In fact the same friend I went riding with calls me his GPS (Graeme Positioning System).  When we stopped for coffee at a favourite café there were a couple of older bikers there.  We got talking and they mentioned within the area we had just explored that there is a viewing tower and gave directions as to how to get there.  I will check that out next time I ride in the area.

It made me reflect on how we find our information, and what I have heard and seen of how our library users search for information.  Do they go exploring for themselves, have a good sense of direction and thus enjoy the journey but miss out on some good stuff?  Do they do  any prior research?  Do they explore maps along the way?  I did briefly look at a map within the area I travelled that was posted at an entrance to get an idea.  Do they ask others, as I did, and then get some extra information?  I’m sure I have read or heard that younger generations often ask peers first in information exploration.  Maybe some readers can verify this or have some other ideas.

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2 Responses to Finding your information

  1. Penny says:

    Peer recommendation is definitely something we see a lot of here at MPOW. Unfortunately, it’s not always the “best” stuff that gets recommended. But often it is ok.

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