Walking meetings

The concept of walking meetings was introduced to me some time ago by a colleague.  We found it an excellent way to get out of an open plan environment and to be more enabled to debrief and speak our minds whilst getting some fresh air, some walking fitness, and coming back to the office more focused and refreshed. Some time ago I was reminded of this concept in an article where the focus was on fitness and the factor of decreasing weight and back issues by prolonged sitting.

At a party whilst talking to someone I mentioned about this article and it was new information to them and they were excited to give it a go to break up their working day full of meetings.  Today in seeing @KimTairi tweet about walking meetings she also attached an article that gave a focus aspect of note taking and remembering points to follow up whist having a walkingn meeting.  These were considerations for me to activate more walking meetings into my workflow.  It suggests that by making a point of key ideas and writing those down at the end of the meeting frees up the mind and can be reiterated by short email or txt post the meeting.  I like the concept of letting go of meeting artefacts, but still see the need for an agenda.  Maybe I am a bit old school but I do like focus, direction, and reminders of points to cover.  I do like the concept of rather than sharing information at the meeting and preparing for a meeting is important. Without preparation a meeting can be an  expensive time waste and it can make it a data transfer not an idea building or problem solving time.

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2 Responses to Walking meetings

  1. cathymk says:

    My workplace keeps removing meeting rooms – up till now I failed to see it as an opportunity to suggest a walking meeting. Sounds like something we might try.

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