FoMO Fear of Missing Out

I first picked up on this term FoMO via the amazing @KimTairi & a retweet via @theage Don’t have FoMO? You’re missing out  The article initially flippantly suggested the condition as the ultimate first world problem, but then went on to suggest that the syndrome is recognized  and it inspires through comparison and exclusion causing anxiety, stress,  and in extreme cases depression.  The article also interviews a few folk who are quite addicted to social media.  It made me reflect again about @Flexnib and her first Blog post for #blogjune about being unplugged and the therapeutic value in being unplugged.

On the same day when talking to a colleague about the article they too had heard the term via a radio interview with author Hugh Mackay in an interview talking about his book The Good Life.  He used the term in the context of overuse of facebook and a lower feeling of worth by checking out what everyone else is doing and thinking they are having more fun than you.

I don’t think I have this syndrome or condition, but it is something to be aware of and to steer clear of me thinks.

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