Getting the most out of Academic Libraries – and Librarians.

As some of you may know I have been this week driving a work project blog #FutureLibrary which has the fringe benefit of being able to “research” read surf, tweet & blog, at least for the work blog, in work time gaining skills in WordPress, testing writing, editing skills, & finding lots of interesting sites.

One article to mention today Getting the Most out of Academic Libraries—and Librarians Interesting how the author states the enthusiasm, but also the frustration of the academic librarians interviewed.  Frustration at student information literacy & technical analytical skills. Enthusiam about developing appropriate training sessions mostly embedded or integrated within curricula.

A universal statement the author writes to which we can all say yes to; So with librarians ready and waiting to give all they have to give, why is connecting library services with those who need them so difficult?
Answers or ideas suggest a lack of awareness of library and/or librarian skills and availability, lecturer resistance to generational change & admission of non awareness of resources or skills, and not wanting to give away valuable class time for library instruction,

A territorial divide between what librarians do and what lecturers do is suggested, and what other support staff do such as academic language & learning with grammatical writing skill support.   A territorial divide between those who know things and those who know how to find them.  Samuel Johnson suggests it  developed in the late 19th century “as librarians began to assert for themselves a professional role beyond their traditional ‘keeper of books’ role.

The conclusion of the article is to work towards the ultimate aim of partnering with faculty to share and team teach resources.

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