Tale of two cats.

We have two cats Tiger-Lilly & Jerry.  They hate each other.  Tiger-Lilly we got from a cat shelter at age 9 months, a “teenager”.  She was timid and shy but seemed affectionate.  We were mistaken.  She is aloof and has issues.  She is very fearful of most things & she is now around 9 years old.  Jerry came to us as an adult  a couple of years old as a favour as someone’s house mate moved out and they didn’t want him anymore.  He has amazing big eyes and a loud meow.  Jerry has personality and is affectionate, but is also very food centric.  He teases Tiger Lilly by walking up close to her, she hisses, he walks away nonplussed.  He does have a go at her every now and then so we have to try to keep them separate.  When Jerry first came to us we went to the vet and he seemed to indicate by his nature that he would get on with Tiger Lilly.  That has not happened.  Over the 6 or so years that they have lived under the same roof they still hate each other.  This photo from a Christmas 4 years ago epitomises how they feel about each other.

Christimas cats hissing

Christimas cats hissing

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