Taking breaks whilst writing and in meetings.

I saw this interesting blog post looking after your body while writing: tip one   via @jasondowns today.  The writer is an academic and writing in the context of her thesis days.   Here partner is a complementary therapist  and sees a lot of people who have chronic computer related injuries, one consequence of sitting for hours at the keyboard. I’m looking forward to the other four tips.

The first tip in this posting is to take breaks.  During extended use of the computer there is potential soft tissue damage, so the tip is to  take breaks.  There are software packages available to help in this process.  In my work situation, and with existing back issues, I am already fairly savvy to get up and take breaks even if it is to just get another coffee or drink.  With my work processes there are meetings, and I am experimenting a little with walking meetings which I blogged about earlier.  I feel meeting chairs need to be savvy with taking breaks.  I don’t feel comfortable, particular when participating in formal meetings, to stand up or take required breaks.  I would like to think that in the instances where I chair meetings I am cognicent of it and sensitive to peoples needs and requirements.

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