Bit of a whinge

In supermarket advertising the product to sell is front and centre.  To get prominence on the shelf I understand that companies pay to get prime position for maximum sales don’t they? And if a company pays big bucks for a product they want to get value for money and make the product available front and centre to users right?

Well…work  whinge  alert & I will be discrete and not mention any names to incriminate myself…..

A colleague pointed out a reference item we have in print & questioned was there an electronic alternative.  I had an idea, they had an idea… By collective thought we found that the said item was available but obscure and buried within a database. We investigated through appropriate  circles and had it confirmed that it was legitimate, and that in their knowledge this legitimate access was coming via found database provider, so a thank you for alerting us that it was available was given.

So being proactive… we attempted to make said product more prominent for our users using appropriate forms and people.  A solution has been presented but it is flawed  and said product remains now slightly more accessible, but still far from front and centre for our users AND an alternative form of the product from an unexpected competitor in a different form is slightly more front and centre,  and will most probably get more use and access by users,  while said preferred paid for product remains less prominent on the bottom shelf.

Library land vs business land.  Sigh…. Not the end of the story no doubt 🙂

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