What Librarians Lack: The Importance of the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Interesting perspective by this blogger that libraries and librarians, by in large, lack entrepreneurial spirit.  And regarding publishers and vendors the writer says we lament,, we complain, we argue, but we take it, and throw our hands up in defeated disgust. The author makes an observation that in 60s, 70s & 80s most vendor companies were started by librarians, but now are big companies and non-librarians.

Since the middle 80s, we have engaged in some form of learned helplessness and I tend to agree with him, and agree that entrepreneurial spirit is about risk taking, problem solving, grit, innovation, perseverance, and resolve.   I just don’t think that someone outside our profession is going to step up to save us, and more importantly, improve the experience for our patrons.

He then goes on to say that in a recent HBR article How to Start an Entrepreneurial Revolution and accompanying blog post we see a call that states:
Revolutions start local..
Revolutions need participants.
Revolutions require resources.
Revolutions need revolutionaries.
Revolutions need a call to action.
Revolutions need an inner council.
And last but not least, revolutions need leadership.
So author suggests  you start a entrepreneurial and innovation revolution.  And see problems as challenges to be solved instead of things to complain about, and may you play an active role in solving the problems that we face.

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