Encounters at Social Melbourne

It’s been a fairly heavy week so just a couple of random encounters to blog about today.  At a Social Melbourne get together today I  had a couple of interesting interactions.  Firstly with one chap who introduced me to the concept of appreciatiative inquiry & solutions focused change approach to change.  These approaches in dealing with users are import in not guiding the user to a required answer, but to help, like with the reference enquiry, to work with the user to not just guide them to a solution that you have worked out for them, but to allow them to explore solutions and possibilities for themselves and to work with them and guide them to find out a wider range of options and solutions. So as not to just use that same path to an answer each time.

The second encounter in talking to a fairly savvy,  but young , IT and staff development trainer, who was adept and knowledgeable in programs and software I have no idea about asked, I think in all seriousness,  what is it that librarians do, and what would a PhD librarianship student study?  Maybe it was just a conversation starter but it got me talking and relating in my mind to the elevator speech idea, that often when you least expect it there are time when you need to be able to stand up for what you are and what you believe in.  And to be able to say it and use effective language that the listen can relate to and appreciate.

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