Around the Bay report 2013

Another Around the Bay (ATB) completed trouble free. Sorrento return no ferry.  10 hours 10:52 official time, which was 8 hrs 12 mins  on the bike & average of 24.4 kmh. Bonus was meeting up with my biking mates doing an unofficial ATB down to Dromana, & doing it all Sorrento return with my biking buddy Charles.


After a late night 21st party for my niece and four hours of sleep Charles and I set off for round the bay after being accosted by a security guard in South Bank for having bikes within the premises!  She let us off…just this once as it was quiet (At 5:40 I bet it is usually quiet (!))  We positioned ourselves, took some selfies, and set off on about the 5th wave at 6:15.  We were proceeding through Port Melbourne around 6:30 & I said to Charles hey wouldn’t it be funny if we met our biking mates.

Soon after we met one of our mates at the usual Saturday pick up point on Beach Road so we stopped and chatted and soon the rest of the usual Saturday ride crew were there to ride with us to Dromana.

Some of the Jasmen

Some of the boys and me.

At Dromana we were accosted by a woman shop proprietor for daring to place our bikes on her window.  I’m thinking of telling the coffee shop next door as it influenced us to go elsewhere.  Waving the guys off Charles & I had a comfort stop a little down the road in an official rest area.  I bumped into someone he knew from the now defunct Belgium Beer Cafe Cycling Club.  What are the chances!  The ride up Mt Martha was tough.  The conditions in Sorrento cool, and such a lack of people.   After a brief lunch and refresh we set off again around 11:15 and made good time latching onto some good groups.

The hill out of Mornington was VERY tough.  I got honked by a car at base of Mt Martha hill for daring to overtake some slower riders.  Stopped for a coffee in Frankston at official stop.  Got a sprinkle of rain around Mt. Eliza.  Sun broke out in Frankston and we got the wind, but if felt more of a cross wind, and by this stage there seemed to be some large fast pace groups off the ferry so we could blend in and out of these groups.  Charles shone, but then paid for it by over exerting himself near the end of the ride  desperate for some sustenance.  Luckily I  still had some food to  help him out.

At the end the bonus was that there was a University Hub in the Melbourne Uni Rowing Club house and they supplied free snacks, drinks, and lollies to feast on looking at an amazing view of the Yarra.

Another Around the Bay completed trouble free. 10 hours 10:52 official time, which was 8 hrs 12 mins  on the bike & average of 24.4 kmh. I had a bit of a Garmin issue failing to restart it after a brief stop in Mordi so my STRAVA ride reads 185.5 kms , and surprisingly the 210 kms was actually 2oo.

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