Kororoit Creek Bike Trail opening & BrimBUG

Kororoit Creek Trail Opening

Kororoit Creek Trail Opening

Today I had a flex day off my usual work.  As part of my bike passion and bike advocacy I am an active member of Brimbank Bike User Group    Brimbank is the local council area of Melbourne where I live.  It is an outer West/North Western municipality that does not have as big a biking  culture as inner city Melbourne.  Over the last 5 years we have seen a few infrastructure improvements in the council area which are listed on our website.  BrimBUG have a good working relationship with the local council and their urban design team to consider bike infrastructure improvements within the municipality.


Today was an official opening of a little section of pathway including a pathway under a busy  road along a section of Kororoit Creek.  We have been working with council over the  years to eventually have a pathway along Kororoit Creek that will extend from Melton and Caroline Springs, along the existing pathway (which needs improvements) through Sunshine, and along a new section from Braybrook that connects to Federation Trail which allows off road bike passage to Werribee one way, and currently to Altona, but soon into Footscray and the city eventually.

It had been a wet morning but during the official ribbon cutting and short bike ride along the path it was clear and dry.  Some official refreshments and photo opportunities were had.  Also some time to liaise with council folk about new projects and ongoing projects.  A good turn out in all.

BrimBUG waiting for ribbon cut and first official ride of path section

BrimBUG waiting for ribbon cut and first official ride of path section

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