Sunday’s sermon: foundations.

I’ve been a Christian for much of my life and a protestant church goer initially via my parents since my birth, but have continued that faith journey and decision from my teenage years.  It is fairly central in my life.  Currently I attend Brimbank Church of Christ  ( the website is a bit dead and out of date)  and have for the last 8 years or so.  It is a small fellowship of around 60 or so folk and has a nice spread of people from different age ranges and stages in life.   I have been involved in leadership and worship over the years.

Last Sunday the sermon centred on Luke 6 46-9   about calling Jesus Lord and then an illustration about building a house on a firm foundation versus a weak foundation. When storms come because of the firm foundation the building stands, the weak gets wreaked.  The analogy to have a firm faith to get through trials.  Pastor Rob weaved three quite eye popping gob smacking real life instances in his and his family’s life where there was nothing at all to rely on but faith and prayer to get him through a couple of serious medical issues and through a storm at sea on a small boat in the Philippines.  By faith and prayer and a firm foundation he could testify that although these circumstances he could only give glory to God that through prayer he was delivered through these situations.  Quite a challenge.

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One Response to Sunday’s sermon: foundations.

  1. Philip says:

    Amen. Another illustration of firm verses weak foundations amid trials is two people standing just offshore in the sea with large waves swirling around them. Both are experiencing the same trials. One is standing on a submerged rock, the other is standing on a submerged sandbar. Soon, the undercurrents of the swirling sea (trials) shift the sandbar and he who is standing on it has to keep shifting his feet, and sooner or later he’ll have nothing left to shift on to because the waves will remove his sandbar foundation. But he who is standing on the submerged rock stays put and the waves (trials) do not prevail. To passers by, the substance of each one’s foundation is not apparent, but he who stands on that rock knows exactly where his foundation is, and that’s what lies behind prayer life – something that unbelieving passers by cannot fathom.

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