Ice Baby: Are Librarian Stereotypes Freezing Us out of Instruction?

Through twitter and Feedly I stumbled across this interesting article Ice Baby: Are Librarian Stereotypes Freezing Us out of Instruction?

by Nicole Pagowsky and Erica DeFrain  on In the library with the lead pipe. It is quite an interesting article, and I feel that I need to read it a couple more times to glean all that it is saying. It initially challenges our teaching role as instructional librarians which it states has only come about in more recent times. It then launches into perceived traits of teachers and teaching being hot or cold by those we instruct, and the subservient and helpful stereotype of the librarian. However as I was reading it I was feeling that it was not addressing the reality of our instructional practice being more and more online, virtual or blended. With online learning objects they are detached from having a gender stereotype. Although with gamification I have heard that this kind of instruction appeals to a majority of males, but I don’t have any evidence at hand to support that assumption. The article then moves into gender and professional stereotype perception and gives a balanced case of considered librarians to be cold and hot in their approach and instruction.   The article could have maybe addressed more about how we could break these assumptions and stereotypes such as outlining what we do and how we can break out of being subservient and be more proactive in our approach. It is an interesting read.

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