Saturday ride

My normal Saturday morning is to meet with mates and bike ride beach road from Port Melbourne to Carrum and back. Today, being a long weekend,  the majority of the riders were away or doing something else.  As a local mate had put up his hand to ride I contacted him and suggest to just do a local ride rather than trekking into Port Melbourne which he was open to, and that meant for a bit of a sleep in compared to the usual start.  We made our way on wet roads towards Sydenham and Diggers Rest.  The beauty of living where I do is the fact that it is still not too far away to be outside of suburbia on the fringe of the urban sprawl with some aspects of farm land still in existence.

Once off the main roads and heading down Holden road where there is a memorial to Harry Houdini’s first flight in Australia there were lots of sheep and lambs about in the fields.  Having seen Kate’s @katejf  blogpost   of the latest viral video of the  non whimpy goat  I named my ride Country roads around Diggers Rest with non whimpy bleating lambs on STRAVA  that I use to record my bike rides as they were bleating away as we passed by like no body’s business.  We also spotted an alpaca in a field.  It was a good ride and we avoided the rain.  On country roads around here there is a bit of insecurity on a bike.  With the cars and trucks rushing by, and with rough road sidings,  and roads in variant states of deterioration with lots of bumps, potholes and road debris to look out for you have to keep on your guard all the time.  At least it was not magpie swooping season.  When asking my friend if we had traveled this route before he recalled the swooping magpies from last time.  They left a lasting impression on him…literally!  It was a good ride today with no dramas, good company, and a good coffee at the end.  How a ride should be!

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