Embedded librarian

I presented with my colleague @maha__abed at the Converge13 conference last year  Add two blended librarians for a splendid return   Knowing of the concept of embedded librarians it sparked my interest to view via @niamhpage  Slides from embedded librarianship session at #SLA2014  This slideshow discusses the disruption to traditional librarian role and the reliance today on the world wide web and accessibility to everyone via smart devices.  Libraries now not the first thought for information we are in competition.  No longer gatekeepers of information.  Alignment is gearing up for what our organizations want from us.

Embedded librarian have a strong working relationship with members of team or community shares responsibility for goals and makes customized highly valued contributions to the team and it was areas like this that were similar to our presentation.   The question is then posed how to build relationships, understand the goals and maintain collaboration.  By leveraging connections via committees and task forces, get to know people through activities, via this promote other library services.  Achieve shared goals by learning about people and their work, identifying needs and getting management on board to support the initiatives.  And to maintain the ongoing collaboration through delivery of high quality and valued work, evaluating work with community, and consistently communicate and renew with management.
The slideshow then goes on to suggest some pitfalls and suggestions against these such as not getting traction or support from management, Not having the resources, Isolation of librarian and cut off from friends and organization of the library, Burnout and workload balancing, Parochialism serving the complete organization not just the single unit or department, Settling for good enough.  An app in a student management system is not the same as building a relationship and contributing through collaboration.  And walks on water attributing too much to the individual so allow for some succession planning for other library staff to be involved. And finally evaluation gap.  To check how it is going and whether it is still achieving goals Good communication with library manager and community manager communicate.

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