Saturday’s ride subject to the elements.

Saturday’s ride  was subject to rain.  Only four of the group rode today.  The others watching the World Cup with Australia versus Chile, or other commitments.  I set out from home in the car in clear weather with only a mild sprinkle of rain on the freeway and when I got to Port Melbourne and got the bike out the sky was dull, but it seemed clear.  I set off with one biking mate another faster one catching up with us along the way.   We were picking up another at Mordialloc.  The skies looked a little dark and if it had rained  we would have turned around at Blackrock but it seemed to fine up a little towards Mordialloc.  The head wind we experienced coming down allowed for more of an easier ride home.  My biking mates sped off on the return trip, I lagged behind.   On entry to Port Melbourne the roads were damp so pleased that we had missed the rain.  It continued to be a dull day.  Being earlier than usual and with the variance of times of arrival back at our usual coffee shop meant for  two coffees while we talked.  On my drive home there was quite a downpour of rain so glad to have not experienced that on the bike ride.

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