Safety in numbers’: reducing the risks for cyclists

An interesting article by Matt de Neef @climbingcyclist  in @cyclingtips Safety in numbers’: reducing the risks for cyclists  citing a few studies and opinions that as biking become more normalized and as more cyclists are seen on the road so flows the infrastructure and driver/cyclist respect and appreciation.  Matt cites Garry Brennan from Bicycle Network of Victoria with this and I have heard Garry speak on this topic myself.  Similarly Mikael Colville-Andersen  @copenhagenize  & his talk at Velo-City conference & video of him talking to the ABC in South Australia during the conference resonated with me that instead of bike advocates taking the lead on bike issues it needs to come from a biking is normal perspective from society for things to change.
I know from experience the feeling of vulnerability when on the road by yourself on a bike.  I will always err towards caution rather than prove a point of law or right when on a bike.   The article doesn’t enter into nor address the group ride mentality.  Riding on a road solo and spotting or riding around other fellow solo riders or with a small group of friends makes me feel much more at ease.  There is a sense of camaraderie  and a feeling that someone else is looking out for  you.  However particularly when riding on beach road when the large pack of fast group riders rush by I have a feeling of concern and caution.  In talking to a few fellow riders who ride in the rush there is a feeling of adrenaline, joy and pushing the limits.  Each to their own I guess.

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