Call the midwife

Liking things retro but within cooee of my life time I was introduced to the series Call the Midwife  Set in East London slums in 1957 it reveals the deprived life style of people in this area and is based on a true story of a book of memoirs.  In the first episode the new midwife from I gather a privileged background arrives at the convent that supply the midwifery and infant welfare service to the area in the post war baby boom time where there seems obviously no birth control nor much to do in their spare time but produce children and lots of them.  But then being confronted with the depravity of life of the inhabitants making do with what they have and living in bad living conditions.

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2 Responses to Call the midwife

  1. Rachel says:

    I like the TV series but I found the books to be much better, grittier and closer to true life. The TV series has based many of its stories from the books but given them ‘nicer/happier’ endings than the books.

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