Email is not urgent

I read a brief reflection by @jasondowns which is part of a larger part of his writing about productivity.   Email is not urgent  It made me think and reflect a little on #blogjune and what we are writing, plus productivity.  What we consider urgent may not correspond with our colleagues, our patrons, our partners, our family although there are deadlines to adhere to or some things might never get done.   I liked Jason’s initial comment of not apologizing as the first line of an email as it feeds the busy beast.  It is the content that is the important part.  It is the process of sending it that is speedy.

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One Response to Email is not urgent

  1. @jasondowns says:

    Hi Graeme; thanks for the Hat-Tip but I thought I should point out that the ’email-is-not-urgent’ post was written by the ever talented @JoVanEvery. That post makes a great point – we have to manage the asynchronous aspect of email as part of our daily workflow and it makes sense for us not to feed that particular beast with our expectations of a quick reply.

    Good luck with the #blogjune project!

    Cheers, JD.

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