Digital Infrastructure

I have started a secondment on a one day a week basis to our Digital Infrastructure section.  I am in the Learning and Research section of our library.  See our current organizational structure here  This arrangement has been in operation for over a year and there has been one staff from our section overseeing this process whilst others have been participating on an eight week basis.  One of the main aims of the secondment has been to bridge the liaison gap of getting more researchers and academics to deposit their publications and data sets into our research repository  I thought I had a level of familiarity with what the section does and some knowledge of data management.  I soon found an overwhelming lack of knowledge of all things data management   policies, copyright, agreements, procedures, acronyms, software…..  Initially daunting, but also interesting and stretching.

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One Response to Digital Infrastructure

  1. Sam says:

    Hi Graeme – I would love to hear how this goes as I am very interested in how workplace activities like placements and secondments (rather than training courses, conferences etc) can be used to help liaison librarians learn more about data management. A colleague of mine from when I was at Monash University Library did something similar, spending two days a week in the eResearch Centre, and found it a very valuable experience. Good on you for taking the plunge, and good on LaTrobe for offering its staff this kind of opportunity.

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