Sunday ride memories and 2005

I awoke early to get ready to ride with my friend.  I tweeted for awhile and connected with a biking mate in a northern state.  He was awaiting for it to warm up a bit.  I said it won’t warm up here only have to rug up.  I also indicated that if had not made the arrangement to ride with a friend I might have rolled over and gone back to sleep.  Although it was crisp it was not as cold as some mornings in the past that I have experienced.  It is always easy to layer up and remove as required once riding and warmed up.  I realized that I had arranged to meet my friend at the end of my street, however there are two ends of my street as it is a horseshoe shape onto a more major road so I set out from one end to the other along the more major road and found him coming the other way.  We set off, as per a previous Sunday ride posting, to head towards the airport through the market gardens.  It was a good ride  and this friend has always been a bit faster than me, but I can match or better him on hills, so it was a good challenge to ride and I felt better for doing it.  We also went for a coffee and doughnut at a bakery where the coffee is still $2.50.   Quite a thrill for Melbourne and the money thrifty like my friend and I.
I have been riding with this friend since around 2005 when I got bitten by the biking bug.  I was challenged by a posting by @snailx #blogjune about where was I in 2005  It was around that time that I got back into biking having only very occasionally riden after a long gap as a regular school commute to the stage in 2005 where my kids were in primary school and I was reintroduced into cycling by a family friend who regularly commuted to work and help me put together a K-mart bike and then regularly went for Saturday morning rides with him.  The transition to meet this other biking friend came about through mutual friends mentioning that their partner was into biking and thus names and phone numbers were exchanged.  We met, and we rode, and he introduced me to his biking group and I have regularly met up with this group on beach road most Saturdays ever since doing some extended rides, events, and Around the Bay with them and in regular email contact.

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