4 Myths About Multitasking

4 Myths About Multitasking via @2machinescom
Myth #1: Multitasking Is a New Phenomenon
Myth #2: You Can Multitask Most Anything
Myth #3: Multitasking Makes You Efficient
Myth #4: Multitasking Can’t Hurt
Multitasking has been around since we’ve been able to walk.  It is not just a new technology thing.  It’s a development that is responsible for some of our greatest achievements.   When you multitask you think you are doing multiple things at once.  However it is impossible only if one is an automatic task almost automatic like walking or eating and the two activities involve different brain processes.  When you say you are multitasking sometimes you are just task switching.  The lack of focus and attention might mean you are doing neither task well.  Jumping from distraction to distraction doesn’t make us more efficient it can have the opposite effect.  The brain has to pivot and orient to different tasks than doing one at a time.  And multitasking can hurt.  E.g. texting and driver distraction and personal distraction in the workplace. There is a suggestion that with mobile devices we always have continuous partial attention.  And a quote from  John D. Halamka MD   Multitasking can empower you, but remember the myths. And ask yourself if you’re using the most productive and safest way to do things? Chances are, you’re not.

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