Dinner party for friend doing Amnesty International Trek the Inca Trail for Human Rights

Went to a South American dinner party run by  a friend who is participating in an Amnesty International Trek the Inca Trail for Human Rights 44 kilometre walk in Peru   His charity fundraising page  He has always had an interest and been a strong advocate for Amnesty and has been training for participation in this event for quite some time.  Quite an inspirational story that they picked up from a church magazine that they have been doing for half a year was that the church members of a certain church in Melbourne were given $50 each to do work for the church.  Some invested the money, some gave to charity, some used money to buy ingredients to make cakes to sell and make more money.  As a family with two young adult kids each month they donate $100 to a charity after a family meeting to decide what to do each month. So in the lead up to raise the funds for the Amnesty walk they donated this month’s money to buy the ingredients for the dinner party and the guests were then asking us if we wanted to to donate to the walk.  Through this and other means including making jam from a prolific apricot tree they have raised more than the required fund raising target for the walk participation.  The excess funds go towards Amnesty.  While in Peru on conclusion of the walk he has also made connection with World Vision to meet up with the child that they sponsor.  It was quite an interesting evening as the family and the guests there were all very interesting and had lots of stories to share.

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