The new Honeymoon

I read this blog post some time ago about When the Honeymoon is Over The context is about the enthusiasm of new employees and then a year later their initial zest is gone and some ideas as a supervisor to reinvigorate it.  With a new year,  a new #blogjune, and having come through a major work restructure the enthusiasm to participate this year is a bit waning.  When I reread this blog post and thought about participation in #blogjune this year the suggestions are also true.  It is a bit of personal investment and recognition.  It is setting a goal to do it, and forces a check in with other yearly bloggers.  Roll on #BlogJune and all who invest in it be ye writers or readers.

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One Response to The new Honeymoon

  1. Steven Chang says:

    I’ve just hit the one year mark, myself! Still enthusiastic though, for the most part. Hopefully the passion will stick around.

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