What is assessment and tweeting & not reading caught out

Yesterday whilst waiting for an appointment I was having a bit of a twitter frenzy watching the stream of tweets coming from a couple of conferences #EduTECHAU & #DigitalLiteracy2015 as well as a whole lot of other great stuff. In my frenzy  on my smart phone, which is a whole lot more smarter than my old phone that died recently, I retweeted via @ClaireAmosNZ a blog post about  @eric_mazur keynote address at #EduTECHAU without actually reading it (with an intention to read it later). I then saw that @MrPriceSport quoted me in retweeting it in his email newsletter, and that @timbuckteeth has also done a blog entry  about @eric_mazur keynote address at #EduTECHAU So it kind of made me revisit my tweeting and reflect a little on the content of their blog posts about assessment and testing, as well as fessing  up that sometimes I don’t always read what I tweet.  Does demonstrate though the advantage of following the hash tag of a conference to your advantage.

From what I can gather from the two blog posts @eric_mazur keynote address at #EduTECHAU talked about the purpose of assessment and purpose and means of examination. Assessment should provide more to the learner than just a grade and it is these transferable skills that employers are looking for in graduates. As educators does assessment produce conflict?  Are we the coach or the judge? There was also talk of testing and cheating and wearable technology issues and improving assessment methods. @ClaireAmosNZ at the end of her blog mentioned an article she had written about What is the biggest challenge currently facing education in New Zealand?

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2 Responses to What is assessment and tweeting & not reading caught out

  1. kridwyn says:

    It’s so easy to get caught up in the twitter frenzy – I’ve been following the EduTechAU tweets too (wish I were there!) and as for retweeting something without reading it, i’m sure we ALL have! I guess it’s a testament to the power of social media that these retweets *do* get passed on by our followers, liked, retweeted again, blogged about etc etc 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. graemeo28 says:

    Yes, such is life.

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