Social Curation, PLE and lots of shout outs.

I have admired Joyce Seitzinger @catspyjamasnz work for a long time. Her presentation at #EduTechAU I saw via Twitter was up to her usual high standard talking about social curation.  I think I first met Joyce at a PLE conference where Kim Tairi @KimTairi and I had prepared a poster which was bumped to a presentation  The presentation actually has video footage of @flexlib & @greengecko29 talking about their PLNs   On the day Kim was ill so I had to race from work in to do the presentation at the conference. On the day there was a bomb scare or a fire in the city of Melbourne  which blocked off access so I had to fairly last minute race through barriers park in an inner city highly expensive parking lot and run to present. Quite memorable (!)
Anyway Joyce’s presentation talked about curation of things twitter & internet. As I said to @snail on his first #blogjune blog post  about is blogging still a thing  I keep up to date via curation via my Feedly  I’ve linked to a number of interesting to me blogs & RSS feeds that supplement my ravenous twitter & social media hunger. A new one of late is Right Relevance  & Zite via an apple device that algorithmically feed me. Plus regular scoopit and currently running a regular email current awareness of tweets relating to research for the section I am in at my place if work  assisted by RebelMouse to actually review most of the tweets I have posted but not all thoroughly read 🙂

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