Airport spin and VALA event

I’m pretty fortunate living in outer north west of Melbourne being within close proximity to roadways to get into the city, the ring road to get around the city and easy to get to country Victoria in multiple directions. There are remnants of market gardens in my suburb Keilor and an active historical society as Keilor was a stopping point in early Victoria as a stopping point on the way to the gold fields during the gold rush.

A regular bike riding route for me is the airport spin through the market gardens and up some undulating challenging hills on quiet from car traffic roads, particularly on the weekend. During the week some of the industrial areas closer to the airport carry a fair bit of freight transportation but on weekends it is pretty traffic free, especially early morning. I use the app STRAVA to record my rides via a GARMIN device on the bike. With a newer phone I am now getting more into Instagram and this aligns with STRAVA to show pictures taken during your ride. Like with most social media things you can follow and be followed on STRAVA. This morning what I found interesting was finding after the ride that I actually passed someone I follow who is a friend of a friend, and more interestingly I found a new enhancement called view flybys on STRAVA that showed where on my ride I actually passed by the other person I follow and via STRAVA and we could comment about this.

On a similar theme I went last night to a VALA event to see the amazing Jan Holmquist @janholmquist present. Having followed him on Twitter and interacted with him via twitter it was quite a thrill to have a brief chat with him post the talk in a relaxed bar environment and then to connect post the tweet meet again after the event. I might do another blog entry about Jan’s talk but part of it was about how it is possible to make connections and do great work even with people you only know online. But I feel it is also good to actually meet in person and extend the connection if it is possible.

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One Response to Airport spin and VALA event

  1. janholmquist says:

    Thank you!

    I absolutely agree. You can make a lot of stuff happen with people you met online – and online friendships are real.
    That said – nothing beats meeting up in person. I was glad to meet you!

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