Football competition and sage advice

Living in Melbourne the topic of AFL football and who you follow is a pretty common topic. It seems to be part of the tribal identity. And not always related just to where you lived or grew up sometimes it is family centric and sometimes it is opposed to your heritage. I was born bred and raised in Geelong so Geelong is my team. Yet my son goes for Essendon which I guess stems from where we live and Essendon being the closest suburb so probably relates to growing up in the area and favorite teams of friends, family, and colleagues as he has grown up.


Last night we went to a match with high hopes of it being a good even match. Unfortunately from an early stage it was fairly one sided. During the match it was interesting getting a vibe from the crowd how disappointed people were and droves of people left during half time, three quarter time and the stadium was getting quite empty near the end as one team won by a significant margin. It was interesting too how people around dealt with the tension and disappointment. Some with anger, others with nervous and silly laughter, and others with funny behavior. It is unfortunate that in this game of football as in much in life there are winners and losers.

Just thinking again about Jan’s @janholmquist talk on Friday at VALA event and the idea of sharing and stealing ideas Ruth @restructuregirl as a question at the end, commented about the growing competitiveness between particularly academic libraries with each other. I don’t recall all of Jan’s sage advice and response but recall  that it was more about collaboration and sharing rather than competitiveness and to work together to break down the barriers of competitiveness and focus on education for the common good.

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2 Responses to Football competition and sage advice

  1. bookgrrl says:

    There can be a lot of competition between libraries regardless of the sector, I remember elements of competition when working in public libraries. Considering that academic libraries are facing the same issues in the face of uncertain federal funding, it makes more sense than ever to advocate and collaborate as a group.

    Go Cats ☺

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