Bike riding and Brimbank Park

Continuing on the theme of the area I live in and bike riding , as it was Queens birthday holiday today , I went out  for a ride around my suburb Brimbank   And stopped for a coffee at Leaping Lizard Café in Brimbank Park.  I  took a picture of a possum in the rafters of the café area that I posted on instagram.  I recall a possum being present in exactly the same spot when my kids were much younger.  Having lived in the area for more than twenty years I have many fond memories of picnics, bike rides, get togethers and walks around this park.  It covers a wide area and has a connecting path following the Maribyrnong river that connects to Moonee Valley for access to the city and beyond.  It’s an unsealed path so not so good for a road bike to ride on and a few years ago after a major storm there were some landslides and the path was closed for access for some time.  Paths around the park are sealed and so a lap around the park of around 3 kms is challenging as there are some steep hills to ride or walk up.  I recall many years ago with a group of kids on bikes that by the end of the ride there had been around 9 punctures for the 7 bikes as it was a season when there were some awful double spiked thorns that were rampant right next to the paths and of course being younger kids all of them went off the path at some point and consequently got punctures.  Fixing punctures is one of my least favourite parts of bike riding.

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