Reducing Digital Literacy Anxiety

The amazing Sally Pewhairangi ‏@sallyheroes  has some wise words in her blog post on reducing Digital Literacy Anxiety especially when teaching.  She defines flow as “the state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter…”  (Anderson, 2011. p. 162).

digital anxiety graph

I think this graph can be applied to so much more than just Digital literacy anxiety.  Sally goes on to mention 7 techniques from her vast experience to help overcome the anxiety.  Each one of the suggestions are good and apply well in the class session and well worth the read.  The reality in the brief encounter or the reference interview is that with these there is not so much time to allow for context, getting a feel for the person’s anxieties or allow for context of knowing how or why they want to learn.  However what Sally suggests can be applied and can assist in trying to reduce digital literacy anxiety.   It will be interesting to see responses on her blog to her question about what techniques people use.

Anderson, S. (2011). Seductive interaction design: creating playful, fun and effective user experiences. Berkeley, CA : New Riders.

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