Going down the hyperlink bunny hole

I went down an interesting bunny hole and this is what I found.  Via Are we becoming Information Literacy Designers?   from @IDLibrarian The Blended Librarian to Brian Mathews @brianmathews  The Ubiquitous Librarian  & @chronicle to  Teaching To Consulting: Librarians as Information Literacy Designers. An Interview with Carrie Donovan  @CarrieDonovan and her keynote address at The Innovative Library Classroom Conference. Shake Up the Sediment  to the other slideshows at the conference   to Zen in the Library Classroom by Mike Courtney @liboutreach and a whole lot of other really interesting titles of presenations to look at. So much to look over and so much to potentially blog about over the next days as I unpack and look at all of this and more.

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