Saturday ride Port to Mordi return

It has been a few weeks since I have ridden with my biking friend due to circumstances.  It was certainly a cold  start  and it has been a number of weeks since I have got up early and traveled  inner city to ride beach road with my friends.   On arrival it was thought that a couple of guys had arrived early and ridden off on at 7 but they rocked up having had an early coffee.  Two others arrived and we set off to meet another friend at Mordialloc.  At Brighton we looked out for another friend who doesn’t always let us know whether he is riding.  He was not there so we forged on reaching Mordi in good time and our other friend arrived having made his way up from Frankston.

Mordi is the major meeting, turning, and refreshment stop for many beach road bike riders for individuals and large groups.  We set out more or less together, but as we traveled back the fatigue and lack of riding of the last few weeks so I traveled by myself.  However on Beach Road particularly on a Saturday morning you are never alone so there were groups and individuals to interact with and at times get drafted behind.  Whilst heading back saw the friend we had missed at Brighton who had unfortunately got a puncture.  At Blackrock saw the friend who had met us at Mordialloc heading back to Frankston.  When I arrived at our regular bakery meeting point in Port Melbourne the guys were still only half way through their coffees and snacks so I was not too far behind them in retrospect.  It was a good ride, incident free, and although fatiguing,  a good feeling of achievement.  The ride on STRAVA

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