Career resilience

Via @ALIAnls7   there was a link to an article about Building career resilience via  @suehutley in her recent #blogjune post see #NLS7     Thanks for the posting and making us aware of it.  I have passed it onto a couple of colleagues.  I was quite taken with the contents of the article so looked up @rladvisory the author of the article on twitter and his work via his website linked to his twitter profile   I thought the article was good stuff and a colleague who follows me on twitter, and works in the area of career counseling,  also benefited from the find.   What spoke to me is the essence of the article that a career is worth more than the job you might currently be doing.  And the advice to choose where to exert your energies, to read widely, and acquire additional skills.


re: #blogjune I was working on a different theme for another posting but changed thoughts to the above.  Hence no post yesterday.  Not sure if I will make up for the no post yesterday with an additional one today.  Sigh. It is strange the inner tension I feel when I have committed to doing something and haven’t followed through.  It is voluntary I have to remind myself.

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One Response to Career resilience

  1. Thanks for highlighting this; it’s a really good article. And please don’t stress about blogging every day. Like you say, it’s a choice and saying no is also a skill that can help with career resilience.

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