Writing persistence and trying new habits

Two blog entries from two colleagues @tseenster the @researchwhisper & her blog entry That new habit  and @murphy_jason for @LTUresearchers writing The writer on holiday and both on a theme of read more and discipline to write more.  Although these are in the context of research students and their thesis writing there are some take home messages for blog writing and #blogjune  Many of the blog entries I have been doing are often base on reading something I have picked up via social media watching.  I haven’t been in the discipline like @tseenster of reading or writing at a particular time and place.  Maybe it might help fellow #blogjune participants to try to develop a new habit.  Habit becomes routine.  Or like @murphy_jason suggests to write often get organized and be persistent in your writing.

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2 Responses to Writing persistence and trying new habits

  1. Tseen Khoo says:

    The irony of publishing that post today is that it’s the 1st day in a while where I haven’t done my reading! What a hypocrite! 😉

    Thanks for the shout-out.

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