Competition Fallacy

This will  not be a well thought out blog entry.  I sit here at the end of  a long day quite exhausted but also reflective and spiritually lifted.  Early in the day I read Bobbi Newman’s @bobbinewman blog entry of What Happens to Library Employees When We Fall Prey to the Competition Fallacy?   setting out that libraries are not in competition with tech companies such as Google or Amazon.  Amazon’s only purpose is to sell you goods to make a profit. Google’s only purpose is to mine your data to make a profit. The idea of the libraries built upon those two tenets versus the library bill of rights is chilling. We are much more than that.  The library services the population they serve to the best of its staff’s ability and with the resources it has within and can lay its hands on.  We guide, we look, we explain, we look at other options.  We don’t just algorithmically suggest based on previous entries.  We don’t just randomly suggest an item is a favorite.  The suggestion and guidance appears free to the patron but is built on our skills and expertise from years of experience and honing the skills with the tools we have.

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