Auto electricians and librarians

Due to a headlight not working on my car I had reason to seek out an auto electrician.  The first challenge was to find one within my vicinity that opened on a Saturday morning to fit in with my schedule.  Having found one I was happy to find the car only required a globe replacement not a more major repair.   In talking to the auto electrician I found in his opinion that being an independent practitioner his business was being squeezed out by car manufacturers.  With computer technology he indicated that more and more manufacturers are restricting access to coding and downloading of specific information squeezing out his business and forcing people to pay more and go to a manufacture outlet.  It is getting harder and harder to get access and have available all the variant programs for all makes and models.  For this chap he seemed to foreshadow that he was heading towards retirement and also with aches and pains was considering selling up and moving to a warmer client where his brother lived anyway.

I was considering the parallels with librarianship and the squeeze out factors being mooted for our industry.  Maybe there is a similarity with publisher payment requirements and the restriction factor versus open access.  I’m not aware if there is pirate industry or an open access industry for care electrics.  Maybe there is a parallel in the call to diversify our business to not just rely on the services we have always done but to branch out into new areas and to update our skills and experience to cater to the new community needs.

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