privileged blessed and scrambled.

I’m scrambling over a mixture of experiences over the day without settling on a single theme to blog about.  Firstly there was the announcement via VicRoads of proposed changes to  cycling laws and the bikelash of that with a host of website comments unfiltered,   angry talk back radio, and all full of angst and hatred mostly without substance and for me trying to avoid not getting too head up about it all .


At work there was a little victory by the directive of a techie to add a category on sharepoint and then it appeared automatically in the metadata form when I uploaded a document.   There was also the mystery of the missing jam doughnut cart with an unconfirmed doughnut conspiracy and looking for answered sent out on my work Yammer.   And later this evening when searching twitter I  stumbled across a couple of UK seminars and conferences and tried to absorb some of the hashtags #i3rgu  & #bla15 , comments, slideshares  , and blog entries   As well as catching up and commenting on some of the wonderful fellow #blogjune entries.  Also I got  friended on facebook by a long term friend who is also highly private and maintains an extremely locked down social media presence so I feel privileged and blessed as well as scrambled.

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