BlogJune 2015 rap for GraemeO28

So 23/30 is still a pass.  I feel I lost my momentum this year in #blogjune.  Stats of 226 views 135 visitors 8 likes and 10 comments over the month.  Riding and bit of an incident seemed to get the most views.  Interesting to see some views not just from Australia Country views

Was encouraged by @bumsonseats not to stress out too much about writing and by @wendyldavis to be persistent and keep up the challenge.  Also a shout to @sharonu who thought about and was prompted to post via one of my posts.  Kudos to @katiedavis @libsmatter & the whole imposter syndrome discussion and also the blogging debate with @flexnib  & @HughRundle view points.

It was the first year I realized that ‏@GeocachingLibn & @stickstitchmix  where husband and wife.   Honours to @FiFYI  for being so bold to put her past out there as therapy & the yearly dedication of @actorvious  to blog every day and try to outdo his word count and give us an incite to his daily acivities.   @libridol gave me some incite to living and working overseas.  And I read a few of the thoughtful and insightful posts from @datalibsam  & @kimtairi  I think I read and commented on @stephmcg  & @sallysetsforth  posts and I have probably left others out that I did look at, like, comment on or retweet.

Happy end of #blogjune and lets see how the League of Librarians evolves


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