My 2015 UK & Paris holiday

In September 2015 my family and I had an overseas trip to the UK and a couple of nights in Paris.  It was our first ever overseas trip and we planned it based on both my wife and I turning 50, it was our 25th wedding anniversary and our daughter in her gap year was living and working in the UK.  So instead of a party the overseas trip was planned.  I’ve surmised to some people that I feel people reach an age and stage where they do the overseas trip or the house and maybe kids.  My wife and I took the house and kids path and over the years family and friends did their overseas trips with an underlying feeling that one day our day would come.

There were a wide range of elements we wanted to include, places to visit and explore, and some people we had planned to interact with over the trip.  We worked closely with STA Travel to plan out and find good deals as well as trying out AirBnB for the first time and a few other alternatives.

We stayed in London three times staying at the same guest house/hotel on arrival.  Hired a car and traveled to High Wycombe where we stayed two nights day with a day trip to Milton Keyes.  Then down to Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral, and stayed in Sticklepath,  Okehampton for two nights, with a day trip to Plymouth.  Then a big drive to Oxford for one night followed by a trip over to Cambridge for two nights.  Then back to London for five nights, over to Paris for two nights, then back to London three nights. So for #blogjune I will outline the twenty one days of my big 2015 UK and Paris holiday. How many libraries can a librarian on holiday visit?

Where we traveled


UK Travel

Tourist places visited in London


London attractions visited

UK to Paris


London to Paris


Paris attractions visited


Paris attractions visited

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