Departure and Arrival

We have two cats that hate each other


They are aging so we thought it best to put them into a cattery while we were away.  The place we chose seemed good value and had the added bonus of shuttling you to the airport and leaving your car at their premises for a smaller fee than parking at airport.  So on the morning of departure off we set.
On arrival though the place looked very run down.  Also we had missed a call from them saying that they couldn’t drive us till later and initially it was questioned if we had booked to be shuttled.  We got a dubious driver who smelt of alcohol and amused us with stories of active war service and dodging kangaroos on these back roads to the airport.  He also wondered about getting home without a GPS… in our car!  Anyway we got to the airport.  Periodically during the holiday we wondered with a shudder.. hope the cats are okay…the lesson learnt, in future, do a visual inspection of catteries before booking.


We flew with Royal Brunei and our flight ran to time leaving after midday.    Being Royal Brunei there was no alcohol, and as we taxied for take-off we had a prayer to Allah on our video screens.


As we proceeded it seemed that a couple of passengers had had their alcohol fill before take off.  The stewards and stewardesses dealt with it as best they could.  One parent had words with them to mind their language with children close by.  We stopped over at Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei.  The tipsy guys did not get back on.  Brunei airport reminded me of Adelaide.    It was hard to get much perspective of the surrounds beyond the airport.  They were fairly disorganized with getting us back on but it all worked out.  As I talked to people in anticipation of the trip I often confused myself with saying Dubai and Brunei.  And then unexpectedly we stopped over at both Brunei and then Dubai.  Dubai was a much bigger airport and a long walk with seemingly more extreme security e.g. having to take off shoes etc   In total with the two stop overs the travel took around twenty four hours.

Brunei Dubei  Dubai Brunei

We arrived having had some snooze watched a number of movies and had had good food and service for the flight. We arrived seeing the sun come up as we crossed Vienna and landed at  London Heathrow on time around 6:30 am their time on the 1st of September with fog and a little drizzle.  Getting through customs was straight forward and we sorted out SIM cards for  phones, Oyster card for train travel and as our accommodation was on Piccadilly line in Earls Court directly from airport we arrived at hotel very early.  Why doesn’t Melbourne have an airport railway service???   Welcome to London!

Earls Court station Earls Court Train Station

Rushmore Hotel          Rushmore Hotel

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3 Responses to Departure and Arrival

  1. Peta says:

    This brought back some fond memories of our trip to Europe in 2001. We too flew with Royal Brunei. The service was great, the stopover in the airport was v.long and not much entertainment to be had. Fortunately the kids (10 & 8) were happy to watch fish in the aquariums for a while. We too had an inebriated person get on board (in Darwin, we boarded in Brisbane) and luckily for us he promptly fell asleep after takeoff and didn’t wake up until Bandar Seri Begawan. On the way back from Europe we had two nights in Bandar and enjoyed the theme park for free – I think we were the only people there.

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