First day first library Natural History Museum Kensington Gardens

Having arrived so early our room was not ready. We left our baggage there and off we went to walk off jet lag and explore. Whilst walking it did start to rain so we acquired some umbrellas. Overall we were pretty lucky with weather from memory only raining on the first day, the last day and a day when we were in Paris. Not too far away from hotel stumbled across first library Brompton Public Library which was light and airy and had friendly staff. It was near old Earls Court Exhibition Centre that is closed and being refurbished to be housing.


We walked on and made our way to the Natural History Museum


Being so early it was an easy entry without much line up. We looked at Dinosaur exhibition and could have spent a lot longer there. We had intentions of going back and exploring further but never did. I was pleasantly surprised to find eduroam worked on my iPad at these premises. About the only time it worked.  It did not work later at Oxford or Cambridge.

We then walked up towards Kensington Gardens and saw the Prince Albert memorial opposite Albert Hall. Kensington Palace still had Princess Diana tributes.


We picked up some lunch and found that the London way is that some places have a surcharge if you eat at the premises!  We made our way back to Hotel room which by this time was ready for us to relax in.  Late in the afternoon our daughter arrived.  She had arranged to take some time off to stay with us for a few days.  It was the first time we had seen her for eight months so she had lots of stories of her work and travel to tell.  The hotel was just around the corner from a main strip of shops, supermarkets, and facilities.  Our daughter introduced us to English Pub culture by taking us to the Blackbird Pub which was only a short walk away.  It was lovely and specialized in pies.  One of the attendants was Australian!  Our daughter having lived and worked in a smaller town out of London and having done some traveling around Europe noted the added cost of meals in London, but that is okay when parents are paying 🙂


It was dark when we arrived so hadn’t taken note of what it looked like.  Next day realized we had left an umbrella there so returned and got it.   We hadn’t realize how pretty it looked from the outside.  Without many trees or plants around we noted how many of the pubs had these beautiful hanging flowers.






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