Harrods, Big Ben, Westminster, Thames walk.

Today was all about Harrods. It was only a few train stops up from Earls Court so the plan was to spend the morning there. Family and friends had recommended the food court and to go to the toilets. Being rather frugal usually it was quite an eye opener to see the opulence. On arrival the door man in green uniform greeted us and opened the door. We made our way around buying a few trinkets mostly just to get the Harrods bag. As a family it has been a tradition to trek into Myers and buy a Christmas decoration. Now that the kids are older the tradition has waned but as we stumbled across a Christmas department we did buy something for the Christmas tree. Where else but Harrods would you find a giant Lego construction of Harrods in their toy department. Not intentionally looking for libraries but found a fabric library. Dared to look at the price tag on one sparkly red dress.. a mere 2500 pounds (!)



Where else but Harrods



Fabric Library

We had lunch over the road from Harrods and found a tourist souvenir shop to stock up on some gifts and memories. Our daughter had made arrangements to meet up with friends for afternoon tea in China town.. never found out where in London China town was.. My son, wife and I made our way back to the hotel for a brief rest and then set out on the underground to come out at Westminster Station to iconic Big Ben, and Westminster Cathedral. It’s quite overwhelming when you first see it in the flesh. Seem so many times via television and film and then to see it in the flesh. Quite amazing.


The line up and cost factor to view Westminster Cathedral was off putting and we were not prepared for it so we just took lots of photos.  It was possible to have a look in St. Mary’s church just outside of the Cathedral. Thought it was funny outside the guards academy a sign warning that horses may kick and bite, and also a sign that stated that Bicycles were forbidden to ride through the arch of the academy.


Along the Thames we could see the London eye, statues of Lions and sphinxes. Also works progressing on the bicycle superhighway along the Thames bank. We made it up to Waterloo bridge and by then fatigue started setting in so we made our way to the underground to make our way back to the hotel.



Our last night for a week or so in London so went out to a different pub for tea. That night worked out tube station connections to get to where we were picking up hire car to make our way initially to High Wycombe as well as making contact with our hotel to confirm booking and arrival time.

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One Response to Harrods, Big Ben, Westminster, Thames walk.

  1. Tony says:

    I bought some chocolate at the Harrods shop at Heathrow, so I got a bag – for my mum!.

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