Notting Hill, Portabello Road, High Wycombe

We moved out of the hotel after breakfast but did some touring in the morning leaving our bags there to explore Notting Hill, as per the film, and Portabello Road Market. Before heading for the market our daughter showed us an example of a private garden as was in the film


The market was quite amazing with lots of food and stalls with antiques and brickabrack. It was Friday and a local mentioned that on Saturday/Sunday it is much bigger with more street stalls and congested with people.


Portabello Road Market, Notting Hill

Around lunchtime we parted ways with our daughter as she was meeting friends and going back to High Wycombe by train where as we had to pick up our bags from the hotel and pick up hire car. Finding the hire car place was a little tricky. It was near the Lancaster Gardens train station but it was not on the main road we found it was off a lane way and there was no signage so dragging our luggage to find it was not fun. Eventually once found all was well. We were upgraded from a small to a medium sized car, a Hyundi i30 6 speed manual diesel which allowed for a bit more space.



Car with High Wycombe in background

I had bought with me a road map of England borrowed from a friend in Australia but paid for and used GPS as part of the car rental.   I became very happy with GPS especially when negotiating unknown roads and territory. And especially later when negotiating motorways and the large roundabouts being directed which lane to be in and early warnings of lane changes required.   To get out of London was quite seamless as fortunately where we picked up the car was just outside of the congestion tax zone and not too far to get onto a motorway down past Heathrow and then beyond to High Wycombe on the way to Oxford. Probably being mid-afternoon on a Friday before peak traffic made for good timing.

In about an hour we got to High Wycombe checked in to our hotel and went exploring. This town is where our daughter lived in as a boarding house assistant and worked in a school, Godstowe for the whole of 2015 with five other school friends. The school has an arrangement with a school in Australia to take on a group of girls post VCE on their gap year to live and work there. It was an amazing opportunity for her and allowed for lots of European travel in break times.



We found in walking around that the town particularly where the hotel and school were situated in on one BIG hill. Easy going down to the town centre but an effort to go back up. Found it had a pretty town city with an old church and town marketer that indicated how it was mid point between London and Oxford.


High Wycombe town centre


For dinner sat down for first traditional English fish and chips. Main difference noted was the array of fish choices and sauces to accompany.

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