Bletchley Park, Milton Keyes

You may recall how part of the trip was celebrating our wedding anniversary. My intention, as I have not been able to wear a wedding band for a number of years, was potentially to go to a jeweler to get a new one. In High Wycombe there was a jewellery shop with the same name as my son. We went there and made a purchase.


Some time ago we watched the film the Imitation Game and really enjoyed it. It was based on the true story of mathematician Alan Turing as part of British Intelligence cracking Nazi codes during World War 2. The location of some of the filming and where historically it all occurred was at a mansion called Bletchley Park in Milton Keyes. Before traveling we found Milton Keyes was only an hour’s drive from High Wycombe. Bletchley Park was set up as a museum and exhibition about code breaking. It was an interesting drive with a  mix of narrow country lanes, better roads, and sections of motorways to Bletchley Park.


The mansion and surrounds had lots of exhibitions and information to take in. There were multimedia guides to give you information as you walked around the grounds. It was a great set up and a work in progress as the grounds were saved from being developed for housing on around ten years ago.  There were food outlets and beautiful surrounds to walk around. We stayed for a few hours and took most of it in but it was a bit overwhelming.



Code breaker

We traveled back to High Wycombe and after a rest tried to get access to a local university New Bucks (New Buckinghamshire) University Library but was refused entry. The signage around campus was not intuitive to find where the library was located. Later in the evening we picked up our daughter and traveled to The Swan Inn Pub for dinner at a nearby village Amersham, Buckinghamshire. For the second time encountered Australian staff in an English pub.


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