Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral, Sticklepath Okehampton

This day involved a ridiculous amount of travel. In retrospect it might have been better to have broken up the journey or stay a bit longer to explore along the way. We set out with GPS on motorways to make our way to Stonehenge near Salisbury. A friend had strongly recommended visiting Salisbury Cathedral the home of the Magna Carta. The roads were all fairly good and free flowing until coming close to Stonehenge where they became narrower and being a Sunday quite a load of fellow tourists in a traffic jam to get there down single lane country roads.


The Stonehenge complex was very well set up with well-organized car parking and good facilities on site to display the background and historical aspects. We had pre booked tickets so could by pass a fair line up to get tickets and walk through entry. I thought via the website that they might limit numbers per hour that could visit the site but when we arrived there didn’t seem to be that restriction in place. Again very well organized with the option of a shuttle bus taking you right up to the stones or a two kilometre walk option. We took the bus. Had a go at my first ever selfie. Might need to work on that, or not.  The same friend who had recommended Salisbury cathedral had mentioned Stonehenge to be one of the most underwhelming tourist attractions. I found it interesting and felt it significant to tick off my bucket list to at least say that I had been there.



Selfie, really?  Act your age Graeme

Back to the car and to get back into Salisbury did have a bit of a GPS fail not knowing the actual address of the cathedral, but being quite prominent in the middle of town it was easy to find. We parked and grabbed some lunch in the middle of town. On the grounds of the cathedral a market was taking place and many were out enjoying there Sunday afternoon in the sun. I had a very quick tour inside the cathedral not actually seeing the Magna Carta knowing we still had a number of kilometres to get to Okehampton. Again in retrospect should have stayed longer.


The roads between Salisbury and Exeter varied between motorways but mostly single lane carriageways and with Sunday traffic rather heavy. Unfortunately near a town Honiton there was a serious car accident which made for a significant traffic delay. By the time we made it past Exeter to the little village of Sticklepath, Okehampton we were all tired and grumpy. The place where we were staying was a farmhouse utilizing AirBnB for the first time. Sticklepath was off the grid, at least via the GPS and googlemaps. We rang up our host from the main road and she guided us down the narrow paths to the farm. It was a beautiful hobby farm originating in parts from the 1700s with the original farm area ownership being sold off and cut down to be more of a hobby farm and subdividing the house originally for family and now to sublet for holiday makers.   What was extra welcoming for us being tired and grumpy and just wanting to rest was a welcoming batch of scones with instructions of how to do a proper Devon Devonshire tea. Warm the scone slightly then add the clotted cream and then the jam. Also home grown eggs in the fridge with some other condiments to tide us over so we did not have to go out to get supplies. Which was just as well. Being such a small village no supermarket just a few pubs, cafes and a general store. My wife and son went to bed early. I tried to tackle the washing machine resorting eventually to asking the owner for assistance and after much conjecture and reading the instructions realized which buttons to press.



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