Oxford to Cambridge

The hotel we stayed in at Oxford was quite opulent. We had dinner there on the first night with a fancy two course deal in their restaurant. In the morning I used their gym and pool and we had a good smorgasbord breakfast. It was a large hotel that I think must host conferences. There was a shuttle bus near by that took us into the city centre. Being a university town as a colleague had mentioned before going there it seems like you just go for a walk in Oxford and then you are in the midst of the University.



Approaching Oxford Old Bodleian Library

We had bought tickets for the tour of the Old Oxford Bodleian Library. We initially waited on the ground floor in a chamber which we were told later on the tour was used for classes in early times where the teacher would stand like in a court of law in one stand and each student would stand individually in the other and have to chastise the teacher in front of peers to demonstrate learning. Sounds great. These chambers below the library were also used as law courts for Oxford right up to the 1960s. Oxford a law unto itself. Tours need to fit in with the University using these areas for functions and meetings.  So much to take in about the history. It is all here


Waiting for tour Oxford Old Bodleian


The Old Bodleian is still a working library and we were not permitted to take photos on the tour. Harry Potter filming on the premises got a mention. A demonstration of examples of old books being chained to the shelves for reading. And an extended history of the foundation of this unique library being the founding point of creating a common ground meeting point between the foundation college structure of the University Visiting the Old Bodleian was one of my highlights of the trip. It felt like coming to one of the foundation points of University libraries.


Oxford Old Bodleian courtyard

After the tour we walked around Oxford and found a coffee shop. We wandered around the amazing streetscape, an indoor market, and the Weston library opposite Old Bodleian. As per the running theme during this part of the holiday one day was certainly not enough to take in all that Oxford had to offer. We took the shuttle bus back to the hotel loaded the car and then we were off to Cambridge.


Oxford Streetscape



Weston Library, (the New Bodleian), Oxford

The location of our AirBnB flat in Cambridge was excellent. Just a very short walk into the heart of the University to go to a supermarket to get some supplies to actually cook one of our first meals on this holiday.


Cambridge flat


Cambridge, short walk to supermarket

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