One aspect of going to Cambridge University was to have a tweet meet with a friend Andy Priestner. Andy had recently changed from being librarian at the Cambridge Judge Business School Library to concentrate more on his training and consulting work as well as continuing to working for Cambridge Library on a special project. In the last week we  connected again in Melbourne Australia as he was out to run User Experience (UX) workshops and we met one evening to catch and dinner. We planned to meet at a coffee shop opposite Kings College.


Andy and I  got on like best friends and our reconnection in Melbourne,  although being nearly a year later,  felt like we just picked up from where we had left off in Cambridge. He was doing training with lego and Polish scientists that day so we only met for an hour or so. As we only had a couple of days in Cambridge I asked Andy what we would recommend we do.  He suggested that we visit the Fitzwilliam museum,  having a punt down the river, which we had already intended to do, as well as doing a tour of Kings College. He also helped to connect me with a librarian at one of the science libraries for a visit the next day.



We went back to the flat to collect our son, and then when we bought our tickets to do the punt found that there would be a time delay before our turn so we got some lunch.  Again the English aspect of paying more to eat indoors vs takeaway so we bought baguettes and sat a little down the road on some rocks.


The punt down the Cam river hence Cam-Bridge was a highlight. Whilst talking to one of the punter later they said that Cambridge students were not permitted to work while doing their studies so the punters  were not students of Cambridge. It was a perfect day for a punt. Not too hot not too cold and perfectly sunny. The punt gave a unique perspective of a number of the colleges that you don’t see from the roads and walkways as they are behind fences and gates. I’ll continue on tomorrow about Fitzwilliam museum.


Bridge of Sorrows


Kings College from the punt



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